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Consumer Info: Ford Retaliates Against Disabled Veteran After Complaints Of Lying And Unprofessional Behavior By Dealer's Staff

Damerow Ford
12325 SW Canyon Road
Beaverton, OR 97005
Southwest Portland
Phone number (503) 644-1131
Prices: $$$$

I usually do not write about businesses without some sort of connection to travel and travelers, but I felt an exception was needed here. You will not believe what this Portland Ford dealer did!
Several Midwesterners I have talked to about our upcoming move to Portland, Oregon and familiar with the area have told me: "they don't like military/veterans out there" and "as a retired military officer moving to Portland, you will not be welcome there, they're way too liberal". I took it with a grain of salt because I have not experienced any negative attitudes during my visits, but I have also not spent a lot of time in Portland and I do not readily advertise my military background. After the experience I am about to tell you about, I am actually starting to have some concerns.

When you see a business on yelp* with 117 reviews and an average rating of less than 2.5 stars out of 5, there is something definitely rotten in Denmark or, in the case, Portland, Oregon. It is called Damerow Ford and here are some comments by their customers ...
"Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life."
"I will never return to Damerow Ford for anything. What a bunch of unprofessional, idiots."
"Landmark was very easy to work with and much more trustworthy, don't bother with these guys."
"Damerow Ford is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I regret buying my car from them."
Check their reviews on yelp*, it is all there in black and white. Now on to my experience. As a Ford shareholder, I expected much, much more from a company I own stock in.

Their salesperson and management wasted countless hours of my time over two months while TRYING to buy a car from them. They lied constantly, failed to read my emails or answer my questions, then had the nerve to REFUSE TO SELL ME A CAR because they were afraid of a poor review and retaliated against me for well making well substantiated complaints.

Ford provides incentives for good reviews or docks dealers for bad follow-up reviews from "customers", those who eventually purchase a vehicle. Thinking that I would give them a bad review because of their deceit and unprofessionalism, even though I gave my word on my honor as a retired Air Force officer that I would not if they FINALLY followed through with their promises, management decided not to take the chance and their general manager called me this evening and REFUSED TO SELL ME A CAR, retaliating against me for my complaints of lying and unprofessional behavior by his staff.

After complaints to management about their constant lies, unprofessional behavior, and not reading my emails or answering key questions, sales manager Kiyoshi Tsuji told me that he was hesitant to sell me the car because he thought I would give the dealership bad reviews no matter what happened. As a man of my word, I told him: "That's water under the bridge Kiyoshi. If there are no problems when I pick up my car on 5/13, everything is in order when I get there and I am happy with the transaction, I will absolutely write a positive review." Being deceitful himself (having promised to send me the paperwork by mail to complete the transaction not once, but twice, then refusing to follow through), he is apparently not used to dealing with people of honor, people with integrity. At the end of the conversation, which like all questionable phone calls I record, he agreed to "trust" me. He even offered to pick me up at the airport when I arrived and drive me to the dealership to take delivery of our new car. All he had been worried about was the customer satisfaction survey and yelp* reviews I could possibly write, potentially costing them Ford incentive money, not about making an unhappy customer happy.

Car salesmen and dealers are notorious liars and manipulators and Damerow Ford sits right at the top of the list. I have written many great reviews and a few bad ones, but Damerow Ford has earned the Top Spot on my "Wall of Shame". Shame on you Ali Bulgasem (Damerow Ford General Manager), Kiyoshi Tsuji (Damerow Ford Sales Manager), and June Jermany (Damerow Ford Salesman).

I have over 80 emails and phone recordings of conversations between myself and Damerow Ford employees, so if you doubt what I say, the pertinent ones will soon be published where 350,000 people a year read my reviews and where you will be able to see for yourself that I, unlike Damerow Ford, tell the truth.

I value honor and integrity, values that I live by every day of my life, having done so through 20+ years of military service to our great nation and ever since I retired in 2005. I simply do not tolerate liars, cheats, swindlers or unprofessional treatment of customers. 

My maxim during my many years of military service was to provide "outstanding customer service" to those who had no choice but to come to my squadron when they needed a car, to have it fixed, borrow (rent) a car or get a ride somewhere on base, or ship something anywhere in the world. That attitude earned me MAJCOM-level awards and my squadron the honor of being chosen "Air Force Transportation Squadron of the Year". 

I basically ran a car dealership, taxi/bus/car rental company, and FedEx hub all in one ... in a combat zone ... and it was much larger than Damerow Ford, with 1,300+ vehicles, 100+ mechanics, 70+ drivers, 40+ freight specialists and several administrative staff members. So, I know a little bit about running an efficient, customer-oriented organization. Ali Bulgasem, General Manager at Damerow Ford and the person who called me to tell me that he refused to sell me a car, and his employees at Damerow Ford could all learn quite a bit from my beliefs and service.

Why would a car dealer refuse to sell a car to a customer? Because they had something to lose, that is exactly why. Their "perfect" customer review rating and that Ford incentive for positive reviews were more important than following through with their promises and treating a customer professionally and with dignity and respect. They also do not like people who complain about their poor service and unprofessional behavior, so Ali Bugasem retaliated against me by refusing to follow through with a deal in which I had put more than 15% ($3,500) as a down payment on the vehicle.

Am I a demanding customer? You can bet your sweet ass I am. I demand professionalism, honesty, integrity, compassion, and to be treated with dignity and respect when I spend my hard earned money, nearly $23,000 in this case, at a business. Don't you?

I am still waiting for the $3,500 refund on the down payment I made on my credit card, having promised me they would hold the car until I got there next Saturday. That would be considered breach of contract in a court of law, but I will not even go there. Now I have to rent a car when I arrive in Portland instead of picking up the vehicle I put a large down payment on, costing me hundreds of extra dollars unnecessarily as well as more wasted time looking for a non-Ford to buy. Military Appreciation ... what a joke!
The last Ford I owned was a 1960 Ford Falcon station wagon, my first car. I have purchased mostly foreign cars over the years (Honda, VW and Nissan - all great cars), but decided to buy American-made this time, being a patriot and having heard that Ford has improved their products, safety, and reliability. Their cars may be better than they once were, but their customer service is the poorest I have seen in recent memory. Is it a coincidence that Ford's stock has tanked over 20% in the past year?

Complaints have been filed with the Oregon Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau (Northwest) for breach of contract. I also sent a letter to the Ford Motor Company Board of Directors which, based on previous experience, will likely be ignored. I could sue Damerow Ford and win, but it is not worth my time, money or energy. I will just buy a new car from another dealer and manufacturer, unfortunately probably a Japanese or Korean company. So much for my attempt to buy a domestic car ... "Made in America". Do not say that I did not try.

What a nice "welcome" to our new home, Portland, Oregon. I hope this is not a sign of things to come, but in my 60 years on Earth, I have never experienced such flagrant unprofessional and aggressive behavior at a business, particularly one where I was trying to spend $23,000. Is it a fluke or were my Midwestern friends right? I hope it is the former because we have invested a lot of time, money and emotion in a cross country move to a place we hope to spend the remaining years of our lives ... feeling welcome and happy in our new home. Welcome to Portland?

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Title: Portland, Oregon: Ford Retaliates Against Disabled Veteran After Complaints Of Lying And Unprofessional Behavior By Dealer's Staff

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